About the Sub-Advisor

Hardman Johnston Global Advisors is an independent, global equity boutique investing in high-quality growth companies at value prices. For over three decades, we have followed a focused and disciplined investment process with a goal of building concentrated, high-conviction portfolios. We regularly scan thousands of global stocks seeking market leading, high-quality growth companies at value prices. We choose only an exceptional few.

We seek to build a world class investment management business with enduring client relationships. We are investment managers, not asset gatherers, pursuing measured growth so as not to compromise our future investment returns or our excellent client service. Consequently, we have built the firm around the requirements of our investment approach and firm strategy.


Chief Investment Officer, Chief Executive Officer

Cassandra joined the firm in 1997 and is Lead Portfolio Manager for the International and Global strategies. In addition, Cassandra serves as the firm’s Chief Investment Officer and Chief Executive Officer. Prior to joining the firm, Cassandra was Managing Director and Principal at PCM International, Inc., an affiliate of Prudential Financial, Inc. She has spent […]


Portfolio Manager

Jim joined Hardman Johnston in 2011 as Portfolio Manager and member of the International and Global Investment Team and is responsible for covering Global Energy and Financials. Prior to joining the firm, Jim was a Principal and Senior Portfolio Manager at the Winchester Group. Prior to that, he was a Senior Portfolio Manager at Ark […]


Director of Research, Portfolio Manager

Henry joined Hardman Johnston in 2007 and is responsible for the firm’s Research function. In addition, Henry covers Global Communication Services, and is a member of the International and Global Investment Team. Prior to joining the firm, Henry was an equity research analyst on both the buy-side and sell-side, after spending twelve years in the […]

Why Hardman Johnston International Growth Fund


Portfolio holdings will be concentrated in securities that Hardman Johnston believes offer the optimal opportunity for capital appreciation. When selected for inclusion, a stock enters a concentrated portfolio, ranging from 20 to 30 positions with a typical holding period of 3 to 5 years. Portfolio construction applies diversification constraints to manage concentration risk within industries, countries, and single securities. We believe the outcome is a best ideas, risk aware, high conviction portfolio that seeks low turnover and high active share.


The investment team at Hardman Johnston believes that stock selection is the key to investment performance. The Fund will employ a disciplined, bottom-up approach, based on fundamental research, investing in high quality companies with secular growth prospects when they are trading at an attractive relative valuation. It will search for companies with leading positions in their business segments that can be expanded, either locally or worldwide.


Hardman Johnston is a boutique investment management firm with a global sector approach and deeply ingrained belief that a focused, long-term investment outlook is essential. The firm’s tight-knit team and investment culture that is client-centered, performance-driven and team-oriented contribute to the effectiveness of the investment process.

The Fund’s investment approach is designed to take advantage of today’s vast information resources, as well as the fundamental judgment of experienced investment professionals. For over three decades, the firm has followed a focused and disciplined investment process that aims to result in concentrated, high conviction portfolios with low turnover and high active share.